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Well not essential, but good!

I love reading and want to share a few of best books I can recommend to my clients - these are not written for therapists, they are written for anyone looking to understand and improve the one life they have. They are ordered from fun to deep. 

Feel free to recommend me others!

Therapy Drew Heath Canterbury Anxiety

Don't Trust Your Gut

Seth Stephens-Davidowits

My thoughts: Quite a recent book, in an age of tracking behaviour with smart phones we've made some amazing discoveries that will shock you. This book is so interesting for self-development, and a great message too. Where once we turned to the Bible for guidance, in 1900's we turned more to intuition... now we're moving into the next stage along, the data stage. 

How To Talk To Anyone

Leil Lowndes 

My thoughts: Enjoy little techniques? 92 tricks that you can use to chat to anyone better in parties and social occasions, rescue yourself from awkwardness, make them feel amazing, be a value person at the event, etc. You WILL get things out of this book - it is the most underrated book I know, especially if you are slightly autistic and break things down mechanically!

Therapy Drew Heath Canterbury Anxiety
Therapy Drew Heath Canterbury Anxiety

How To Master Anxiety

Joe Griffin and Ivan Tyrrell

My thoughts: The human-givens approach is a favourite of mine, and this one of their best books in a series. It empathises well with what it feels like, and offers evidence based solutions - some challenging thinking, some physical advice and techniques like breathing and focus. Great book.

Borderline, Narcissistic and Schizoid Adaptations

My thoughts: Most of us understand narcissism, it’s an obsession of status and achievement. Borderline is a person stuck craving love, to be adored. A Schizoid craves safety and cannot trust, they don't feel lonely. Achievement - Love - Safety. Amazing book to learn about it and heal these common conditions/disorders! 

Elinor Greenberg

Therapy Drew Heath Canterbury Anxiety
Therapy Drew Heath Canterbury Anxiety

A Monk's Guide to a Clean House and Mind

Shoukei Matsumoto

My thoughts: A really sweet little book, embrace the philosophy that by cleaning the house you are cleaning your mind - the inside/outside are one. Change your thinking of how and why you clean the sink, it's not a chore, it's a meditation, a sacred spiritual practice. Turn something mundane into something beautiful. 

Loving What Is

My thoughts: Going a bit more deep, Byron Katie is a shining example of 'non-neediness.' Her videos are amazing online, but this book is especially great. We live in an age of resistance, anger, entitlement, fear - Katie's specialty is turning it on its head, owning your fear, and enlightening into non-neediness, the ultimate empowerment. 

Byron Katie

Therapy Drew Heath Canterbury Anxiety
Therapy Drew Heath Canterbury Anxiety

Becoming Nobody (audio)

Ram Dass

My thoughts: Ram Dass, at least in the West, is the OG spiritual guru of 1970s - once a professional psychotherapist, he searched wider for figuring what we are. Are we people? Are we thoughts? Are we tangible? He's no bullshit, he's funny, he has so much integrity and compassion - amazing man. I'd listen to him on audible, he's a great auditor. 

The Power of Now (audio)

My thoughts: Tolle articulates something universal about life, happiness, sadness, conflict and madness - it can all be reduced to 'time'. The more we resist what's here, the more suffering we feel. Our focusing on the future all the time creates suffering. Other great concepts like 'Pain-body' are so useful in understanding and managing our relationships. 

Eckhart Tolle

Therapy Drew Heath Canterbury Anxiety
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